Is Salon Experience Required?
Kashish Salon has created a simple manager-run business model that doesn’t require salon or spa-specific experience to be successful. We help you to develop a managed model for the success of your business.
Salon/ spa experience may not be required to be successful, but full-time, active oversight and participation in the business is essential to your success.
How Does Affordable Beauty Services Translate to Successful Business Model?
Kashish Salon’s highly convenient locations and affordable prices provide an unparalleled value to the consumer that cannot be replicated anywhere else. As we focus on most affordable beauty prices with luxurious services experience and clean environment.
What kind of training and support provided to Kashish Salon franchisee?
Kashish Salon is committed to providing you with initial and on-going support and training. Our training and support includes virtual Coaching & Conference Calls,

Webinars, advanced technical training and continued education for as long as you own Kashish Salon Franchise. To be successful, we strongly recommend actively involved with your business
location, and fully committed to maintaining our brand standards.

What is Kashish Salon’s Business Model for Recurring Revenues?

Below are the key factors ensuring the recurring revenues for Kashish Salon location

  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Employee Satisfaction
  • Price assurance
  • Create mouth-to- mouth referrals
What Is the TOTAL Cost To open a Kashish Salon Franchise location?
The initial investment to open a Kashish Salon is between $75,800 – $206,000 which includes $24,000 – $50,000 in working capital reserves.

How Much Liquid Capital Do I Need?
Kashish Salon requires you to have at least $150,000 in liquid capital (cash) whether in personal funds, loan, or both.
How Much Money Can I Make?
Kashish Salon’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) offers a detailed earnings claim, which showcases the earning potential of a Kashish Salon. Please contact Kashish Salon management for further details.
How Much Is the Franchise Fee?

The Franchise Fee for a single unit ranges from $15,000-$20,000.

How Much Is the Royalty Rate to Kashish Salon?
The royalty rate is the greater of 8%-12% of Gross Sales or $250-$1000 per week. Kashish Salon offers flexible range of royalty rate based on the performed revenue.

Does Kashish Salon Offer Financing?
Kashish Salon does not offer financing; however, you may seek financing from any 3rd party lender.

Does Kashish Salon Offer Multi-Unit Incentives?
Yes, Kashish Salon offers a Multi-Unit Franchisee Rights Agreement (MuFRA). This allows you to develop and own Kashish Salon multiple locations at discounted Franchise Fee.


What They Say


“I come to Kashish Salon regularly for waxing and threading. I am satisfied with the approach. They are very friendly. The place is very very clean.”

“I recommend this place to others, you won’t regret it”

– Priya S

I’m regular customer at Kashish Salon. Very accomodating at short notice. Excellent at job, precise work & friendly. Also prices are very reasonable. extremely happy with services.